23 Aug 2022

Lead Nurturing Campaigns | 6 Tips From a Small, But Mighty Marketing Team

A lead nurturing email campaign is an automated, tailored email campaign used by marketers to take customers on a journey that may influence their purchasing behaviour.

When we look back on the beginning of 2020, everyone will have their own narrative to tell. As marketers, we will discuss the massive influence of digital and how it has affected our careers and businesses. Some of us had to figure out the quickest method to transition to a digital service, while others had the difficult chore of refining their business plan.

In order to convert leads into paying customers, a lead nurturing campaign aggressively moves leads through the various stages of the buyer's journey. By giving potential customers the data they want for making decisions, you create a bond with your lead and position your company as an authoritative source of information. Your buyer will be far more likely to buy from you in the future if you do this.

We noticed how our product filled a critical market gap. We had to jump through a window that had opened up. 

1- Increase your advertising when it’s advantageous

With marketing budgets being slashed all around the world, social media and online advertising costs plummeted dramatically as the lockdowns began. The cost of Facebook impressions decreased due to fewer advertisers, despite the fact that more individuals were spending time online. According to Kepios data, people clicked on billions more Facebook ads in March than they did in September. As a result of our Marketo Engage solution, we were able to take advantage of lower ad expenses to increase awareness of our service.

2- Respond to customer needs

Customer behavior was shifting as a result of global events, and we could assist - something marketers must do to ensure business survival.

To achieve this effectively, we also needed to create and implement the appropriate programs to capture leads, place them in relevant lead nurturing campaigns, and eventually pass them on to Sales (at the right point in time). That's a lot of work for a three-person marketing team, but we did it quickly and confidently.

iShore worked swiftly and efficiently to create a Facebook campaign that would appeal to a wide range of people, including parents, teachers, and school administrators who wanted to keep students interested and performing well.

3- Always maintain sales alignment

We created our strategy in one day, implemented it in the next, and tested it on the third. Simultaneously, we worked with our Sales team to align the process and ensure that they were ready for the inflow of leads

Leads were rated depending on their referral source and the material they consumed when they clicked on advertising and arrived at the site. They were then assigned to various nurture streams based on where they were in the buyer journey. All sales were qualified.

4- Use Net Promoter Scores when working in high volume

Net Promoter Scores identified when a lead was ready to convert, allowing the Sales team to make the best use of their time. Because of our interface with Salesforce CRM, when a lead reaches a specific score threshold, their rep is automatically notified. We can track client engagement and deploy specialized lead nurturing campaigns to give them relevant content when they join us thanks to this connectivity.

5- Adopt lead nurturing tactics to assist clients prior to, during, and following the transaction

The gamified materials, tools, and activities on are made more accessible to new users thanks to a new step of lead nurturing. Emails include advice and instructions for using the platform and explain how it may help English Literacy schools for kids of various ages, linguistic abilities, and academic levels. As a result, there is less turnover after the free trial, which gives instructors the confidence to use the tool to its full potential and gives parents peace of mind and support for their kids as lockdowns continue.

6- Keep monitoring and adapting

We have an advantage over other online learning platforms thanks to our marketing maturity: we work in a small team but compete at a higher level thanks to our capacity to understand our customers' wants and shifting behaviors. We anticipate that these needs will alter as the epidemic spreads, so we keep an eye on consumer demands and shifting market dynamics, making adjustments to our lead nurturing efforts and channel targeting as necessary.

The outcome of hard work and agility

As a consequence of our efforts, we were able to reduce advertising expenses by up to 96%, acquire and convert a sizable number of leads, and refocus our marketing initiatives to meet the needs of clients who are committed to assisting children all over the world. As a result, we more than tripled our leads relative to our target in April of this year. 

Additionally, iShore exceeded sales goals by 100% in our native market all over the world. Without the proper procedures, teamwork, and technology to carry out our approach, much of this would not have been possible.

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