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The resume or CV is a document used to know about an individual's qualifications throughout the recruiting process. It has been observed that recruiting agencies and recruitment firms exclusively hire professionals as employees. Finding skilled personnel necessitates going through each element of a CV, which may be a time-consuming process. 

iShore Software solutions is a professional resume/ CV formatting service provider based in India is the best possible solution for your business. It helps you to get the non-core work like editing and managing resumes done by experts and that too at competitive rates so that you can save a lot on your budget.

  • Text Resume
  • International Resume
  • Visual / Infographic Resume

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iShore Services help businesses gain efficiency by effectively carrying out HR functions such as Resume Formatting Services, Job Posting, Job Mining, and Form Filling services.

We believe that resume writing is not just an art, but also a science. It requires a lot of information and a lot of processing. What follows is a document prepared in a manner that presents the uniqueness of the person behind it. We help you produce a customized resume that meets your specific job requirements and ensures that you secure interviews with ease.

Another variation is in the presentation. The US resumes should be crisp and short, while Australian employers prefer long versions (even going up to 4-5 pages!). So when you have an international resume requirement, we work with you and try and create the perfect resume that matches the tastes of employers in your preferred country of choice. Confused about which country you are going to? Don’t worry, we can help you target multiple countries with a single resume as well.

We all are more influenced by visuals than scripts. The same is the case with employers of the 21st century; visual resumes are preferred over written ones. The reason is simple, graphics are more comprehensive, and interesting to look at and a single glance says it all. You don’t need to carry dozens of papers to elaborate on your competencies. Infographic resumes are thus technical documents rightly intertwined with artistic abilities. We help you out with these complex seeming documents and transform your black and white, monotonous resume into an inquisitive piece of creativity.