iShore CV Sourcing Services

iShore Software Solutions is providing specialized resume sourcing services in the USA that add great value to the recruitment process. We can source resumes of qualified talents in various industries including IT. Our resume sourcing contributes great speed and efficiency.

Talented employees are assets to the company. No good company compromises when it comes to recruitment. Our resume sourcing company in the USA has an in-depth knack for remote resume sourcing.

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Global CV Sourcing Services Providing Company

We specialize in IT resume sourcing as well with services extended to various other segments. As an employer, you will be right aware that out of all the resumes sourced, only 10-20% fits your precise requirements. That is the major profit of leaving your stress of CV sourcing to iShore.

We serve you with priority so that you may concentrate on your primary business. We acquire important and relevant resumes for you to pick your ideal candidate since we have rapid access to competent applicants. Our remote resume crew continuously maintains our enormous resume database.

With iShore at your service, you need not spend time sorting out the right resumes. We offer highly customized services and supply only relevant resumes that suit your precise job requirement. We cater to individual requirements like trainees, freshers, and experienced to highly experienced executive staff.

Our strategic marketing makes us one of the best resume sources. We use advertising, calling, and email marketing to source the best candidates for a variety of IT jobs. Looking at the communication trends, we capitalize on the power of social media and top job portals to reach the right candidates.

At iShore, you are dealing with a team of highly experienced HR managers. The team of our recruiters carry our procedures of resume scanning, sorting, matching, and comparing resumes to give you an accurate solution.

Our clients get a bunch of high-quality and relevant resumes checked and matched for every criterion including skills, experience, location, and educational qualifications.