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Boost Customer Loyalty with outstanding Inbound Call Center Services avoid losing loyal customers to business rivals with iShore inbound call center services. For businesses, nothing can be more valuable than customer satisfaction. This is so because business longevity can be extended only by keeping customers happy with the quality of support services and products. Since customers need an instant response to their queries every time, thus joining forces with established inbound call centers is indispensable.

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Global Inbound Service Providing Company

Of course, you can find many inbound call support service providers in the market to handle customer-related functions. Nevertheless, the prime factor that makes iShore’ inbound call center services trustworthy is an invaluable industrial experience.

Our industrial experience enables us to deliver best-in-class inbound call center service during customer support interactions. Our call-handling agents always aim for high customer satisfaction levels, thereby using their skillset aptly to maintain the balance between AHT (average handle time) and FCR (first call resolution).

Our agents at iShore Software Solutions are dedicated to serving a high volume of customer calls, ensuring they are answered quickly, without waiting on hold or hearing voice mail. Many businesses—both small and large—outsource inbound calls to iShore. They trust our experienced customer care agents with customer service, telemarketing, technical support, and other types of calls.

Consumers are increasingly using other channels besides voice to contact your customer service team. That means that if you haven’t yet implemented customer service chat, you might not be meeting the needs of your whole customer base. Live chat is a vital part of any modern customer service department. Chat service isn’t just a supplementary part of customer service—it’s pulling ahead of traditional methods like phone calls and even email.

Allow your consumers to contact you by conventional ways such as phone and in-person, as well as modern channels like email and online chat. This makes customer service easier than ever before, but it also complicates some elements of it. Customers can contact you through a variety of methods, but those channels aren't necessarily integrated. For example, if they write an email and then phone the company, they will have to repeat their experience and open a new ticket. This can lead to misunderstandings and customer service mistakes, both of which can be costly and damaging to a company's reputation.