Our Services For Staffing & Recruiting Industry

At iShore we provide RPO solutions with all the necessary skills, tools, and technologies for the recruitment process. Here, the dedicated team of recruiters will work onsite as well as offshore and address your recruitment challenges.


Offshore Research Specialist

At iShore, We recognize this key potential and that is why we have engaged a completely dedicated offshore recruitment team.

iShore has been admired by many clients for its ability to accommodate their needs and customize its services accordingly. Whether you are a fortune 500 company or a startup, we have got you covered. Let’s take you through our existed solutions that meet the needs of most of the clients.

  • Dedicated sourcing specialist
  • Works in USA time zone
  • 2-3 job orders are covered daily

Offshore Dedicated Recruiter

All of our Offshore Dedicated Recruiters are acquainted with all the necessary skills, tools, and technologies to support your recruitment process efficiently.

We spent the past many years refining our procedures to ensure that clients receive the highest quality and satisfaction from our services and we continually look for ways to improve our models. We’ve cultivated a wide range of programs, allowing us to adapt to a variety of industries, while remaining an affordable and cost-effective option for our valued clients.

  • 24*7
  • On-demand Recruitment Services
  • Bench Marketing Services

CV Sourcing

iShore is a recruitment and staffing company that is providing its cv sourcing services to customers all around the globe.

iShore Software Solutions is providing specialized resume sourcing services in the USA that add great value to the recruitment process. We can source resumes of qualified talents in various industries including IT. Our resume sourcing contributes great speed and efficiency.

  • Prompt Services
  • Customized Resume Sourcing
  • Right Marketing
  • Quality Resume Sourcing

CV Formatting

Indulge in high-quality customized resume formatting and processing services by iShore at a stipulated timeframe and enjoy savings on your operating expenditure.

The resume or CV is a document used to know about an individual's qualifications throughout the recruiting process. It has been observed that recruiting agencies and recruitment firms exclusively hire professionals as employees. Finding skilled personnel necessitates going through each element of a CV, which may be a time-consuming process.

  • Text Resume
  • International Resume
  • Visual / Infographic Resume

Data Sourcing

Our team uses extensively sourced and structured data ideal for your projects

iShore is providing data sourcing services and is one of the most demanding services in the service delivery domain. This service implies providing data from authentic sources. These sources are in the form of a company's database, authentic network database, reliable web sources, physical people network, person-to-person contact, etc. The idea of this service is to provide the data in any form.

  • Real-Time Data Provisioning
  • Data Federation
  • Near Real-Time Data Provisioning