What Is Azure IoT Central?

Azure IoT Central is configured with SaaS (Software-as-a-Services) environment that enables enterprises to seamlessly register and manage their devices utilizing a secure Azure cloud space. Azure Central enables businesses to receive messages, alerts, or notifications with real-time efficiency. Since it comes with pre-configured standard yet industry-specific templates to create your custom IoT apps, centralize connected devices, and manage the same at scale.


azure IoT central benefits

Develop and deploy enterprise-grade IoT applications with Azure IoT Central while ensuring security, reliability, and scalability. Utilize the predefined standard templates to build your customized or domain-specific apps suited to your specific business needs. Leverage IoT Central to register, connect, and drive seamless communication between your devices and IoT applications.

Smoothly connect your IoT equipment and high-end configured apps developed leveraging standard yet easy-to-use templates for the specific industry.


Quick connectivity between IoT devices and the cloud


Centralised management to easily reconfigure and update devices


Visualisations and analysis to make sense of IoT data, from the big picture to small details


Extensibility to bridge business applications and IoT data, turning insights into action

Start your IoT journey with a comprehensive offering

Get started using a ready-made web experience and API surface for IoT solution development. Manage devices at scale using the job scheduler. Store data over a 30-day window, visualising in customised dash-boarding and data exploration experiences. Define rules to trigger business flows, send IoT data to other services using data export, and programmatically access Azure IoT Central using its public REST API.