What Is Azure IoT Edge?

Azure IoT Edge is referred to as a cloud AI solution remotely configured on-premises to securely deploy and manage your cloud-native workloads on your locally implemented IoT Edge. Deployment of IoT Edge devices enables enterprises to optimize the locally connected environment, track equipment performance while preventing system failure, and reduce equipment downtime.


what is azure IoT edge benefits

Streamline and manage your operational data deployed locally on Azure cloud. Manage your remotely configured and cloud-native workloads efficiently and enable execution directly on your locally hosted IoT Edge devices. Azure IoT Edge enables enterprises to measure and optimize device equipment and prevent system downtime while strengthening your device performance to respond faster when any sort of local change is applied along with maximized potentials and efficiency of the operating device.

Develop and deploy cloud AI models securely and remotely, run them on-premises to optimize and predict device performance, measure cloud spending, and ensure improved data intelligence.


Certified IoT Edge hardware: Works with your Linux or Windows devices that support container engines


Runtime: Free and open-source under the MIT licence to give you more control and code flexibility


Modules: Docker-compatible containers from Azure services or Microsoft partners to run your business logic at the edge


Cloud interface: Remotely manage and deploy workloads from the cloud through Azure IoT Hub with zero-touch device provisioning

Offload AI and analytics workloads to the edge

Deploy models built and trained in the cloud and run them on-premises. For example, if you deploy a predictive model to a factory camera to test for quality control and an issue is detected, IoT Edge triggers an alert and processes the data locally or sends it to the cloud for further analysis.