What Is Azure IoT Hub?

Azure IoT Hub is referred to as a scalable managed service embedded with a bidirectional messaging hub hosted on the cloud. It allows you to build highly secure and reliable communication between hosted IoT applications and configured equipment. Enterprises can connect millions of devices configured with specific solutions to monitor devices and represent device performance reading on the app dashboard.

Enable seamless connection, securely host your IoT devices, and enable two-way communication between your IoT-hosted devices and Azure cloud. By Deploying Azure IoT Hub, start monitoring your devices, for instance, how they perform, control them by leveraging real-time notifications from the cloud to your IoT connected equipment or devices, etc.

  • Seamlessly configure your existing system or devices with Azure cloud to enjoy smoother flow across your IoT hub.
  • Streamline your process flow, enable real-time monitoring, and proactively manage your equipment when configured with Azure services.
  • Stay updated with your device information as every IoT hub is configured with the ability of an identity registry to store your device information and permitted modules.
  • To ensure secured and reliable authentication between your IoT Hub and connected devices, businesses can opt whether for SAS-based authentication or X.509 certification authentication.


Security-enhanced communication channel for sending and receiving data from IoT devices


Device Update for IoT Hub enables over-the-air deployment of updates to help keep IoT devices up to date and secure


Full integration with Azure Event Grid and serverless compute, simplifying IoT application development


Compatibility with Azure IoT Edge for building hybrid IoT applications

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

  • Reduce risk by using Azure Defender for IoT, with security posture management and threat monitoring and remediation.
  • Increase connection security by connecting IoT devices to IoT Hub via virtual networks.
  • Join startups, governments and 95 percent of the Fortune 500 putting their trust in Azure.
  • Help protect your business assets with our stringent security standards and the largest portfolio of compliance certifications in the industry.