Business Process Automation With SharePoint

Automation of business process in Sharepoint is achieved through Workflows. Sharepoint has 5 built in wokflows available out of the box. More complex and specific business processes can be achieved using Custom Workflows.

Approval WorkFlow – Route a document or item to a designated person for approval or rejection.

Collect Feedback WorkFlow – Route a document or item to a designated person for their feedback.

Signature WorkFlow – Route a document to a designated person for their digital signature.

Three State WorkFlow – Using Three State Workflow, we can track our list or library in three states. On transition between states tasks can be assigned to a person with email alerts. On completion of the task the status will be updated and moves to the next state.

Publishing Approval – Designed primarily for publishing sites wherein the contents will be published only after approval from all those assigned in the workflow.

Business Process Automation Benefits

There are multiple reasons that make SharePoint development great for enterprise collaboration. It is suitable and helps an organization at all levels to curb the collaboration challenges both on premises and in the cloud:

  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Accuracy & Consistency in Operations
  • Better Collaboration
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Increase Accuracy & Reduce Errors
  • Cost optimisation
  • Standardised and streamlined Processes
  • Defined Workflows and improves Process
  • Reduced Turn Around Time
  • Enforce Accountability
  • Efficient Allocation of Resources
  • Reduce Paper Work

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iShore specializes in developing unique SharePoint experience for its clients. Catering to the needs of the industries and businesses from the front we continue our legacy of being the best Microsoft SharePoint Development company. We provide the following services for your enterprise:

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We help deploy SharePoint solutions using QuickStart services, fully configured, leveraging 'out of box' features to adapt to your specific business needs.

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We integrate SharePoint with enterprise systems of any complexity and deployment type. Sound understanding of SharePoint object model and database schema helps us extract data and migrate you to the latest version of SharePoint and Office365 Cloud.

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