Dynamics 365 CRM Apps

Create campaigns that send the appropriate customised messages at the right time through the right channel to build stronger relationships.


CRM Applications for your Company

There is a new method of working for salespeople. They have complete information on their clients, queries, service history, and everything else they could require in their day-to-day using the Dynamics 365 Sales app. This enables them to offer services based on real-time data and client requirements.

Customer Experiences should be Personalized

Examine the four CRM applications' extensive features and provide the personalized attention that leads to stronger connections and more income.

Customer Journeys Should Be Well-Orchestrated

Create campaigns that send the appropriate customized messages at the right time through the right channel to build stronger relationships

Align Marketing And Sales

Marketing automation shared data, and business processes connected to Dynamics 365 Sales may help you create seamless customer experiences and expand your prospects.

Make well-informed choices

Lead scoring and bespoke dashboards can help you improve your automated marketing performance. Delivers a 360-degree customer picture by integrating with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

Grow Your Business With An Adaptable Platform

Increase your skills by connecting to apps and services you already use. Built-in features aid in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and accessibility standards.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - CRM Apps

Break down data silos to link consumers, employees, and processes, and unleash your company's full potential. Preact specialises in Dynamics 365 for small businesses, offering experience in the development and maintenance of fixed-priced CRM systems that boost productivity and speed digital transformation.

Increase Productivity

Wasting time due to duplication of effort and data silos?

Using linked applications and familiar Office productivity tools, enable teams to work smarter.

Digital Transformation

Looking to Scale Up and Modernize Your Processes?

Consolidate data on the cloud for increased adaptability and responsiveness to change.

Engage Customers

Enhance Service Quality and Consistency

Centralize data and create linked procedures that will delight consumers and gain their confidence.

Why Select Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 offers a choice of role-based CRM apps that will adapt and scale with your business:


Only buy what you need

with a modular approach you'll avoid unnecessary overheads and complexity


Scale easily as your business grows

easily add Dynamics 365 modules which are connected to your processes and existing apps thanks to a common data platform


Seamless connectivity

with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and other office productivity apps


Flexible licensing

licence users with an individual or multiple role based apps, or choose Team Member licensing for users who only need to complete basic tasks within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

Unified Interface

The Dynamics 365 interface connects modules and apps so they are accessible in one location with a consistent experience across any browser, device and screen size.

Each app is infused with predictive insights and actionable next steps thanks to embedded machine learning and artificial intelligence. The user interface connects with Office 365 thanks to a shared data platform, so you can easily navigate and switch between Dynamics 365 apps and Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Excel, Sharepoint and more.

Embedded Analytics

Collect data throughout your business and use embedded Power BI analytics to gain insight and drive smart decisions across all workflows.

With Power BI, you can access real-time data insights to instantly monitor key performance metrics, spot trends and drill down to uncover actionable insights within a single Dynamics 365 dashboard.

Our Qualities

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  • Sales

    Help salespeople become more productive and focused on what matters – closing deals.

  • Service

    Win the trust and loyalty of prospects and customers by providing individual and proactive approach to each of them.

  • Field Service

    Optimize your expenses while reducing operational costs with the specialized app for Field Service.