Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insight

Bring together transactional, behavioral, and demographic data in real time to create a 360-degree view of your customers.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

The Virtual Assistant ensures that client relationships are healthy and run smoothly. With the assistant to help you with conversation starters, time prompts and risk alerts, you no longer have to worry about pitching the right solution at the right time.

  • Unmatched Sales Intelligence

    Sellers can quickly identify their hottest leads, gain deeper insight.

  • Comprehensive Lead Tracking

    DYNAMICS 365 tracks all web activity and provides sales with critical lead information.

  • Easy-To-Use Campaign Tools

    Provide reps the ability to send personalized, trackable emails and add prospects to designated marketing campaigns.

  • Drive Sales Efficiency

    Sales Insight provides sales with a real-time dashboard of their best leads and opportunities, prioritized by quality and urgency.

  • Utilise

    Utilise valuable insights to regularly enhance performance within your Sales Team

  • Strengthen

    Analyse previous conversations and successes to strengthen customer relationships

  • Analyse

    Use Auto Capture to analyse previous email messages and past conversations

  • Predict

    Monitor opportunity close rates with predictive opportunity scoring to help improve conversion

Power the entire customer journey

See results faster with an intelligent and intuitive customer data platform (CDP), ready to use with minimal training and IT assistance.

Dynamics 365 For Customer Insights Benefits

Accelerate sales: Sales Insights’ AI predictions and prescriptions help you stand out from the competition and gain more buyers. Sales Accelerator speeds up the sales processes into efficient short cycles. It will help you identify the next best customer and tell you the best ways to interact with them. (This feature is currently in the process of being launched)

Management: As a Sales Manager or Coach, Sales Insights gives you the information you need to effectively train your staff. You can gain visibility into conversations, flag risks and provide feedback with built-in coaching tools.

Customer Insights Widely Integrates

Microsoft Forms Pro: Insights is particularly effective when used with Forms Pro to track and analyse Insights; this can help a team act based on changing customer behaviour and perception.

Microsoft Graph: This app provides broad audience intelligence from demographics and interest to market trends and product usage.

Microsoft Graph: This app provides broad audience intelligence from demographics and interest to market trends and product usage.

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