dynamics 365 human resource features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource is referred to as the high-end solution that helps to improve your workforce capability so that they can onboard the right people with the right skill set, retain their existing talent, and can provide a better workplace wherein everyone can ensure their dedicated and productive efforts. Microsoft’s Human Resource solution (Formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent) is a modernized way to manage and drive human resourcing practices seamlessly and effectively.

Dynamics 365 Human Resource is a highly flexible HRM solution that helps to manage your end-to-end practices. Further, it can be integrated seamlessly whether with your existing system or Microsoft applications.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Empower employees to get the information they need—on their own—through easy-to-use self-service HR tools and Microsoft Teams.

Data-driven, people-centric HR

Go beyond traditional personnel management to improve organizational agility, optimize HR programs, and transform employee experiences.

uplift your resourcing capabilities with dynamics square

Manage your workforce, maximize resource utilization, bring organizational agility, engage and onboard the right talent, leverage valuable AI insights to craft a better workspace with Dynamics 365 Human Resources.


Dynamics 365 Human Resources Implementation

Improve and accelerate your human resource processes by implementing Dynamics 365 Human Resource.

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Dynamics 365 Human Resources Upgrade

Configure your system with advanced human resource capabilities to upgrade your resource optimization.

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Dynamics 365 Human Resources Support

Keep optimizing your resources and drive a smoother flow in your organization with our Dynamics 365 support services.

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