Integration of Business Systems & Applications

iShore has created bespoke applications and provided complete maintenance, integration, and upgrade services. Our team can help you define clear integration goals, create a comprehensive integration plan, and oversee its orderly implementation based on expertise in different sectors.


What we integrate

We provide professional integration solutions for applications and systems of:

  • ERP (enterprise resource planning)
  • Supply chain management tools
  • Vendor portals
  • CRM
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • Document management software
  • Workflow automation apps
  • Including legacy applications
  • In-house software
  • Open source software
  • SaaS solutions
  • Third-party services (payment, shipping, social networks).
  • Intranets
  • Industry specific software

Software Integration Services Specialized

Adopting new technologies and processes necessitates solving frequently difficult software integration issues, both inside your existing applications and between them and external systems. From architectural design to testing to execution, our industry-specific software integration engineers are on standby to help you overcome your integration challenges.

Integration of Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions are provided by our system integration experts, allowing for smooth communication across mission-critical business systems.

Services for Data Integration

We create automatic integration services for combining data from various applications, file formats, and Database Management Systems (DBMS), as well as unifying corporate processes and knowledge bases while maintaining total data integrity throughout a transfer.

Services for API Integration

When integrating custom-built, open-source, and third-party APIs that connect different corporate systems and processes, provide web service capabilities to applications, and synchronize data formats across apps, we use networking best practices.

Service-Oriented Architecture 

We provide enterprise-wide Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) that are designed to deploy all business processes, technological activities, and data access services utilizing the same business logic interface and integration services.

Services for Application Integration

We specialize in integrating databases, apps, and legacy systems throughout your organization. We use cutting-edge frameworks, cutting-edge technology, components, processes, best practices, and industry experts to deliver cutting-edge integration solutions.

Integration in the Cloud

We offer excellent cloud integration services, allowing you to connect your on-premise application to a SaaS solution.

Integration of data

We offer data integration services, such as rewriting code or converting it to an intermediate format for application interpretation.

Integration with APIs

We provide efficient APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or connectors that call or serve as mediators for the application.

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