Finance & Accounting Solution

Keeping track of accounting and reporting duties both at home and abroad is a challenge for any international company. As a result, an increasing number of clients outsource certain responsibilities to us.
Dynamics 365 Business Central is, at its core, a financial management software solution that simplifies the integration of financial transactions and information across affiliate organizations, as well as multi-site and overseas installations.


Manage your financials

Sales, buying, and inventory departments across finance and accounting leverage connected data from reports, visualisations, and Microsoft Power BI dashboards to make informed decisions. The late payment prediction extension assists in the decrease of receivables.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is a process that extracts data from a source, changes it to a structure, and then loads it into a destination.

You can speed up financial closing and reporting by using integrated accounts receivable and payment tools. You can speed up the process by using approval processes and Microsoft Power Automate integration.

Software Capabilities

All implementations are fixed-price, so you won’t get an unexpected bill. We’ve spent the last two decades perfecting a rapid implementation and training methodology which is personalized for your processes.

General Ledger

Create firms and learn how to upload general journals to the general ledger. Use features such as VAT and sales tax, repeating journals, and journal publishing in the background. One more reporting currency can be used for posting and reporting.


For essential aspects of your business, such as departments, projects, sales channels, and geographical areas, use limitless dimensions in transactions in all ledgers. Create guidelines for how dimensions and dimension values should be combined.

Multiple Currencies

You may transact business with consumers and sellers in whatever currency you like. On sales and purchase papers, as well as bank transactions and payments in payables and receivables, use several currencies.


Budgets in the general ledger can be used to track business growth. Budgets may be used in financial reports, account schedules with user-defined analysis, and data supplied to Power BI for data sharing and analysis.

Accounts Schedules

Account schedules are a useful tool for financial reporting. In financial reports, accountants and controllers can incorporate critical company data from the chart of accounts, budgets, cash flow accounts, and cost categories.


Use XML files to pull data from other Business Central tenants, databases, or third-party business management applications, or consolidate businesses from the same Business Central tenant and draw data straight into the consolidation company.

Intercompany Postings

Buildings, machinery, and equipment are examples of fixed assets. Post purchases, depreciation, write-downs, appreciation, and dispositions of fixed assets.

Cash Flow Forecast

Predict how the liquidity of your organization will change over time. Expected cash revenues and disbursements, as well as available liquid funds, are forecasted. Create simple cash flow forecasts that you can extend and tweak.

Fixed Assets

In a posting procedure that incorporates one or more Business Central tenants or databases, manage to account for several companies.

Services Provided By IShore Software Solutions

We provide a comprehensive set of services to fulfil your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM, and other business solution needs


To create creative business solutions, we use agile techniques and understand our clients' goals and concerns.


You can be certain that your business will always be up and running with the best post-implementation support available from our experts.

Application Management

You can maintain current applications up to date and have new ones created with our Application Management Service (AMS)

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Fashion & Wholesale

  • Improved all-round visibility with a 360-degree view of data in real-time
  • Productivity, efficiency, and profitability have all increased.
  • Processes that are more efficient and workflows that are automated
  • You have total control over the manufacturing process.
  • Waste reduction and greater long-term sustainability
  • All-in-one firm management solution
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes for a product to reach the market.
  • Reliable and cost-effective logistics and fulfillment
  • Inventory control has been improved.
  • Customer satisfaction has increased.

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