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iShore is an online project and work management software that provides five alternative work views for hybrid teams, as well as strong reporting and communication tools, allowing your team to collaborate from anywhere and measure outcomes.
We test and compare the best project management software for collaborating with a team, hitting deadlines, and delivering results.


Projects must be Finished on Time & Within Budget.

Find the best Project Management Software for your business. Compare product reviews and features, and learn from our Project Management Research.

Create, manage, and monitor customer projects using timesheets and full task costing and reporting capabilities. Create and adjust budgets to ensure project profitability.

To manage resource levels, plan capacity and sales. Keep track of client invoicing vs estimated or actual expenditures on orders and bids.

Make informed decisions based on real-time project progress, profitability, and resource utilization information.

Software Capabilities for Project Management

You won't be surprised by a fee because all implementations are fixed-price. We've spent the last two decades honing a speedy deployment and training technique that's tailored to your specific procedures.

Conceptual Resources

Keep track of resources and pricing. Register and sell resources, aggregate resources together into a resource group, or keep track of individual resources. Divide your resources into manpower and equipment, then assign them to a specified work on a timetable.

Management of Capacity

Plan capacity and sales, as well as utilization information and resource profitability. Make your plan in a calendar system, with the amount of information you need and for the time frame you need.

Multiple Costs

Manage the expenses of alternative resources and resource groupings. Costs can be fixed, depending on a percentage, or a separate set fee. Define as many different sorts of jobs as you need.

Time Sheet

Using the easy and adaptable Time Sheet, track your time and gain permission from your boss. Timesheets may be integrated with Service and Project Management, and resources may be added.


Keep track of potential sales. To keep track of and manage your sales possibilities, divide your sales procedures into stages.

Services Provided by iShore Software Solutions

We provide a comprehensive set of services to fulfil your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM, and other business solution needs.


To create creative business solutions, we use agile techniques and understand our clients' goals and concerns.


You can be certain that your business will always be up and running with the best post-implementation support available from our experts.

Application Management

You can maintain current applications up to date and have new ones created with our Application Management Service (AMS)

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