Service Management Solution

The purpose of service management is to provide exceptional and consistent service to your customers, such as responding immediately to their requirements and establishing long-term partnerships. iShore Software Solutions delivers a smarter approach for IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, and Enterprise Service Management, based on embedded machine learning and analytics. Optimizing efficiency it is intuitive to use, easy to extend and update with entirely codeless configuration.


Live up to Your Service Promises

To correctly allocate staff to work orders, have a full grasp of your service operations and workloads. To give trustworthy assistance to your clients, keep track of service agreements.

You may ensure a smooth transition from sales to after-sales by automatically registering shipping products as service items. For the best service, keep all of the relevant information in one place.

Keep track of repair data such as used service items, replacement components, and labor charges in one service order. Customers will be more loyal if you provide spare equipment while their equipment is being serviced.

Software For Services Management Functionality

All implementations are fixed-price, so you won't be surprised with a charge. We've spent the last two decades creating a quick deployment and training technique that is tailored to your specific operations.

Planning and Distribution

Assign employees to work orders and keep track of data such as work order handling and status. Manage service staff and field technician information for dispatching, and filter based on availability, skills, and stock items.

Service Contract Administration

Set up service level agreements with customers: Keep track of contract history, contract renewals, and contract templates. Manage service items and spare parts warranties.

Management of Service Items

Keep a record of all your service items, including contact information, component management, BOM reference, and warranty information. View important performance metrics for service items over time with the Trendscape Analysis tool.

Service Order Management 

Track after-sales concerns such as service requests, services due, service orders, and repair requests. Allow consumers to initiate service requests or create them automatically by service agreements.

Service Price Management

Set up, manage, and track service pricing. Create pricing groups depending on parameters such as the service item (or many item groups), the service tasks, or the kind of defect for a certain time period, client, or currency.

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Application Management

You can maintain current applications up to date and have new ones created with our Application Management Service (AMS)

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