Supply Chain Management Solution

Solutions for the whole Digital Supplies Chain Network, from inbound supply through outward order fulfillment and logistics. With a real-time, customer-centric cloud platform, you can become demand-driven. Make your supply chain a Digital Supply Chain Network.


Join a Supply Chain Partners on our World's leading Platform.

One Network's digital supply chain management solutions are a comprehensive suite of tightly integrated end-to-end capabilities that intelligently operate together and run on the cloud, servicing tens of thousands of businesses across the world. It's a multi-party network platform that includes many-to-many networks, AI, machine learning, social networking, massive and fast data, and mobile apps, among other things.

For your inventory goods, use the same or different costing approaches to create a holistic view of your inventory. Cycling counting allows you to move things freely between locations while keeping track of the total number of items on hand.

Engage with your suppliers proactively and cost-effectively. The procedure includes registering possible suppliers, initiating queries, and converting the best bids into purchases. Create the necessary approvers to help ensure that internal and external policies are followed.

Supply Chain Management Software Capabilities

You won't be surprised by a price because all implementations are fixed-price. We've spent the last two decades honing a speedy deployment and training technique that's tailored to your specific procedures.

Purchase Order Management

Manage the procedures of buy quotations, blanket orders, and purchase orders. Making a buy order is not the same as creating a buy invoice. The quantity available is modified as soon as an amount is entered on a buy order line, but a purchase invoice has no effect until the invoice is submitted.

Management of Purchase Return Orders

Create a purchase return order to pay your firm for things that were delivered incorrectly or were damaged. The items on the purchase return order can then be selected.

Alternative Addresses for Orders

Set up numerous addresses to manage orders from suppliers that, in addition to their main company address, ship orders from several locations. The buying agent can then pick these extra locations when producing a purchase order or invoice.

Purchase Line Discounting

Manage numerous item purchase price reductions depending on characteristics like minimum quantity, a unit of measure, currency, item variation, and time period that you've negotiated with various suppliers.

Purchase Invoice Discounts

Automatically calculate invoice discounts. Depending on the size of the invoice, the discount might vary from seller to vendor, with varying minimum quantities (sometimes in various currencies) and varying rates.

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You can maintain current applications up to date and have new ones created with our Application Management Service (AMS)

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